Thursday, July 21, 2011

Getting It

I had an email exchange with Daughter's Case Manager yesterday. She wanted an update on how things were going. I told her Daughter was back to sneaking food. She suggested she set up an appointment with the nutritionist on staff to explain to Daughter her nutrition needs. It's a good thing it was a email exchange, because it meant she didn't see my reaction to her suggestion. I was measured in my response, explaining that Daughter understood what she was doing and the danger in it. She understands her nutritional needs. This isn't about the food, it's about manipulation. I had to pick her up from her program yesterday because she was having one of those lows that doesn't respond to treatment as the bus was coming to get her. Her Program Manager and I are convinced that she did something to cause it, but we have no idea what or how, and she's not going to tell us. I sent snacks today. They are to feed her at 3:00, which should eliminate mysterious lows that require me to go pick her up--at least until she comes up with another way to manipulate her blood sugar. I'm glad that Program Manager gets it. Hopefully Case Manager will get it eventually.

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