Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Part of the mystery of Daughter's recent behaviors is solved: she wants to be hospitalized. She knows the language well. In fact, this evening, she was trying again to convince me she needed to be in the hospital, and informed me that she is a danger to herself and others. She's not going to the hospital, but we are increasing her antidepressant. If she gets better, we'll know the problem is depression, if she gets worse, we'll know she's doing some rapid cycling.
She also confessed today that she's been getting a hold of the insulin at her program and taking extra. We had suspected as much, but couldn't figure out how. We still don't know how, as she isn't able to explain in a manner we've been able to understand.
I'm concerned about her grasp of reality right now. On the way to the psychiatrist she was trying to convince me she's pregnant, and insisted that you don't need sperm to get pregnant....
She did work with me in the yard for a while this afternoon. We cut down some large bushes in the backyard. I'm also getting ready to move some flowers and other plants around. I offered her the option of staying home the rest of the week, but she informed me she needs to be at her program. I think she needs the stability and structure it offers her. I hope that the increase in medication will help her get back on track. I hope.

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