Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Morning After

Daughter asked me to make blueberry pancakes today. I'd bought some blueberries for the dessert last night. She did so well yesterday, I decided to make them. She was slow getting up this morning, and I had to call her several times, which surprised me, since I was sure she could smell the sausage and pancakes I was making.
Her blood sugar was sky high. She finally confessed to breaking into the pantry and pigging out on crackers. I guess she couldn't handle being cooperative for 24 hours.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry ... I guess not surprising, but sad. Sometimes she has such shining days! -- Rachel in SL

maeve said...

How does she do this pantry burglarizing?

Reverend Mom said...

She did manage to turn it around today and do a decent job of cleaning the garage.

The locks on the pantry are relatively cheap, she can open them with a variety of things, from hair clips to her house key. Unfortunately, the cable locks I use as secondary allow her to open the doors a couple of inches, so she sticks her hand around and in and grabs.