Sunday, July 3, 2011

Endings and Beginnings

I ran across this article this morning. It explains many of Daughter's challenges. I think I need to print it out and show it to some people who blame my parenting for her issues.
I picked Daughter up from camp today. I'm not sure how it went. One minute she was talking about how great it was and how she befriended a younger girl who wouldn't talk, and the next minute she was telling me that she needed lots of comforting because she spent the entire week crying her eyes out. It sounds like she didn't participate in several of the outings. She said she chose not to go because they'd be getting back too late (after midnight). I'll have to check on the real story later. I do have sources (and not just the camp director-- a colleague was there as chaplain).
On the way to our conference she proudly told me that she'd gone poop daily-- no trouble with constipation. We got here and she promptly clogged the toilet in our room. She asked for some of her mira-lax. Fortunately, I had packed it. The young man who is contact person for our group has now plunged the toilet twice, without success. He'll put in a maintenance request for tomorrow. For tonight, we'll walk down the hall to the public restrooms in the lobby.
I'm delighted to be back in my favorite community. It was during our time here last year that I got the call from Capital asking to come see me in my natural habitat. Now I need to go finish my lesson for tomorrow morning.

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