Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Locks

Electrical Guy stopped by my study this morning with bad news. He'd tracked down locks Daughter wouldn't be able to pick, but they would cost about $100 each and I need 4 of them. As I pondered options, he said he had someplace else he was going to check. Several hours later he handed me a bag containing 4 locks and a bill for $87. He handed them to me as I was talking to Property Guys, who were downstairs painting the new Gathering Room. We decided that I would try to install them, and if I couldn't do it, I'd call the Property Guy who was at the top of the rotation of my "call when there's a problem" list.
I picked Daughter up from program today to see Therapist. A second person has quit the program now because they can't handle her outbursts. Program Manager thinks I'm so nice to PM so she won't kick Daughter out of the program. I am realistic, and realize that they can't keep her in the program if she's driving others away. PM sent an email to Case Manager asking her to explore options-- even if it's short term while we wait for her to respond to the medication adjustments. She copied me on it. I asked if there is a day treatment program Daughter could attend for a while.
She lasted less than 2o minutes with Therapist today. Therapist had received a heads up from Program Manager that things were rough right now, and asked for suggestions for helping Daughter cope. Therapist told me that Daughter hadn't been able to process anything they were talking about. I brought her home, and she slept while I fixed supper and worked on locks. After about 90 minutes of sleeping, she woke up more coherent and happier. I have managed to remove the old locks and install the new ones. In the picture above, the bottom two locks are new, and the top cupboards have the old system. I've replaced them all now. The Property Guys will be impressed that I figured it out on my own.
She had her first new antipsychotic with supper tonight. I hope it's a miracle drug!

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