Monday, August 15, 2011


Daughter was definitely calmer yesterday. I hope that means she will respond quickly to a reduction in her anti-depressant. She was very cooperative when we served the meal at the shelter. I had her start dishing up fruit before we started serving the people. She moves slowly, so she was far enough ahead when we started serving that she never felt overwhelmed and slowed down.
We overslept this morning, but she was dressed and out for the bu in less than 15 minutes-- with breakfast, insulin, pills, and lunch (I even remembered to give her insulin information). The fact that she was able to move so quickly and be so cooperative is also an encouraging sign.
I'm going to go out for a walk and then drive to the church. Part of taking better care of myself is not spending as many hours at the church-- I had been getting to the church at 7:00 most mornings. On Mondays, when I typically have evening meetings, it made for a very long day....

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