Saturday, August 6, 2011


Sister Best Friend has encouraged me several times to update the information in the About Me and Important People and Places sections of my blog. So, I have done that. I realized as I did it that I don't have nearly as much contact with my siblings as I did when I was in Tiny Village. I thought when I moved closer, we would become closer. I may be seeing them a little more frequently, but I'm not talking to them nearly as often. Part of this is because we're no longer dealing with issues around our parents needs/death and our grief over it. It's been 2 years since Mom's death and almost 2 years since Dad's death. I woke up thinking about them this morning, so it's not like I've forgotten them, it's just that I'm no longer consulting/supporting as I was for so long.
The other reason I'm not talking to them as frequently is simply a matter of time. I am much busier since I moved to Capital. Long drives on country roads used to be an opportunity to contact them. Now I spend very little time in the car. I'm not initiating calls, and when they call I'm often busy and have to get back with them.
It's been almost a year since I received the call to become pastor of this congregation. It's been a good year, a busy year, and I'm very grateful that I am here serving these people.

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