Tuesday, August 2, 2011

So Much for Summer Hours

Administrative Assistant has always cut her hours in the summer. Of course, this year, she wasn't able to cut them until July, when I was out of town. Today we were in the office together again for the first time since my vacation. She didn't leave at 1:00 today, as she did last month. In fact, she didn't leave at 3:00, which is her normal winter quitting time. It was 4:00 before she got away. It was another crazy day in the office, with lots of phone calls. The bulletin for the memorial service tomorrow is done, and I wrote some more newsletter articles. We'd like to have the newsletter out on Thursday. We're both grateful that we're having worship in the park this Sunday. I don't have to preach, and she doesn't have to worry about doing a bulletin.
August is always a busy month. There is just so much to do as we get ready for the fall program to start in September. Since we're starting a number of new programs this fall, it is especially crazy. I don't think AA will be leaving at 1:00 this month.

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