Monday, August 8, 2011

Food Issues

Yesterday evening I asked Daughter what she wanted for a bedtime snack. She informed me she couldn't eat, she'd just watch her blood sugar closely over night so she woulen't go low. I told her she needed a snack, and insisted she choose a snack, so she decided to have some cheese crackers.
A few minutes later she got her long acting insulin out of the refrigerator. I was watching her reflection in the family room window, and saw her hide something in the hall. I told her to put whatever it was back in the refrigerator. She denied getting anything out of the refrigerator. I told her I knew she'd gotten something out, and would come get it myself. She then confessed that she'd gotten the leftover blueberry pancakes out of the refrigerator. She put them back.
She'd just had a snack after insisting she couldn't eat one. She'd just had the blueberry pancakes for supper, and will have them again for breakfast. She wasn't hungry. Her food issues aren't about hunger or deprivation. It's a compulsion for her. I'm not even convinced it's about control, because I know there are times when she is into food and I don't know about it. When I find she's been into food, I point out I know. I don't yell, I don't criticize. I may say something along the line, "I'll be glad when you are working with me to keep yourself safe." I am intentionally very low key in my response. Sometimes I feel like this will never change.

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