Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Gift

Yesterday Daughter didn't call all day. I received a few texts from Program Manager, who was dealing with the hurt feelings of the men who Daughter had been getting together with and dumping on Saturday. She said Daughter was finding it uncomfortable to be around them, and they'd talked about it. I enjoyed having a day without any phone calls.
I was pondering whether this meant she was coping well when she walked in the door. Her first words were to comment on supper, which I was cooking. Her second words were, "Have you seen my cell phone?" It explained why she hadn't called. I'm viewing it as a gift from God. I confiscated her phone last night when I caught her playing on it when she should have been sleeping. I didn't get it back to her this morning....
Last night she told woman that she'd been really bad, "but Mom changed my medication and now I'm feeling much better." I think she is doing better. That's another gift.

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