Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rough Day and a Plan

Daughter called me several times this morning, teary, anxious, and wanting me to come get her. I gave her the usual pep talk and offered coping suggestions. I think the real issue was that Program Manager wasn't there today. She mentioned that several times in both of my conversations with her.
Program Manager called late in the day, and she had been told Daughter had done well. They're going to use the extra staff to do things with the men, thus getting them away from Daughter. We don't want Daughter to receive extra attention for being difficult.
Daughter has had a rough evening since she came home. She has a low tolerance for frustration, and has been on edge and angry. She hasn't been able to find her glasses, which is also a problem.
I didn't get my walk this morning because it was raining. Tomorrow I'll go the mall if it's raining-- it's been harder to stay off her roller coaster without the morning walk and prayer time. Tomorrow will be a better day.

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