Friday, August 26, 2011


Daughter had difficulty falling asleep last night. She had difficulty sleeping through the night. She was up and dressed long before I was this morning. I watched her sit at the breakfast table holding her head. "My head won't stop talking to me!" She is in so much pain right now.
She broke into the pantry last night, so her blood sugar was high this morning. She repeated her desire to die. About the time I began to wonder if I should see about getting her admitted to the psych unit, she got up and wrote a speech of apology she wants to read at her program today. She is feeling so guilty because she knows her behavior and outbursts are hurting people. She just can't stop them right now.
Occasionally I wonder if she should be on psychiatric meds. This week I have no doubts. My child is in pain and it's so hard to watch. I just hope I can keep her safe at home until her appointment Monday. Tonight I will give her things to look forward to this weekend, hoping that will keep her going and as cooperative as she is capable of being, given the storm going on inside her head.

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