Sunday, August 28, 2011


In a moment of optimism, I signed us up to work concessions at a college football game this coming weekend. The church has staffed a concession booth at the university stadium for a number of years. We didn't get involved last year, but we will give it a try this year.
In response to terrorism concerns, security is now very tight at the stadium. We had to go through background checks before we could work. One of the issues the concessions people haven't figured out yet is what to do about people who need to bring diabetic supplies into the stadium. I understand the need to keep everyone safe, but banning all purses and fanny packs is a problem for people who need a glucose meter, insulin, and immediate access to snacks in order to survive. Right now they think we may have to go to one entrance to get our credentials and then walk around the stadium to another entrance that is designated for special needs in order to take Daughter's diabetes supplies into the stadium.
I'm trying to be patient with this. Part of the issue is that this is the first football game where they've had to deal with the new rules from the feds. Life is challenging enough with Daughter, though, without them making things more difficult than they need to be in the name of security.
I hope that the psychiatrist will have her more stable by game time. She also will not be allowed to take her ipod into the stadium. She uses that when she's stressed to escape and calm down. The man who is getting me the locks told me that there is a storage shed that doesn't have food in it where she can go escape if she needs to get away. It may take lots of prayers to get us through the game. It may be the only one I sign up for this year!

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Miz Kizzle said...

You have to submit to a background check to volunteer to run a booth at a football game? That's completely screwed up.
We've become a nation of passive, frightened sheep who meekly hand over our Constitutional rights to Big Brother. The feds love to play on our fear by pretending they're "keeping us safe." Their real agenda is the acquisition of power at the cost of our civil liberties.
These are dark days for those of us who love our freedom.