Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Morning Walk

Yesterday morning I walked in the park for 2 or so miles before coming into the office. The walk was a wonderful gift, and I made some decisions during it:

1. I stopped at the store on my way to the church rather than on the way home. It's much easier to get in and out quickly at 8:00 than 4:00.

2. I came in and sat with AA to set dates for shut-in visits for the rest of the month. We also looked at the work flow for the month. It was a productive day.

3. Last night I left my computer at the church. It felt strange not to have it at home, but I got more done around the house yesterday evening and again this morning without the distraction.

4. I walked into the office this morning. It took about 50 minutes. I'll walk home at lunch time and get my car for the afternoon. I need to run to the home improvement store this afternoon and get more paint. We started painting the privacy fence yesterday evening, and it's soaking in the paint. I'll need at least 2 more gallons.

On this morning's walk I listened to a wonderful sermon, spent some time in prayer, and began planning out the raised gardens I want to build next spring.

It was in the 50's this morning as I walked, and yesterday the high didn't go above 75. I feel much better in cooler weather. I don't handle heat well at all.

Now I need to go catch up on email and get the sermon outlined. This afternoon AA and I are going to do some cleaning and clearing out downstairs in preparation for the gathering room we are creating for fall.


Marge said...

I'm with you on the cooler temps! I don't do well at all in the heat. We are also doing some yard renovations, so greatly enjoy the cooler temps.

You got in quite a few miles yesterday! Good for you!

Reverend Mom said...

I enjoyed the walking, and need to make sure I build it into my schedule. I hope the weather stays cool for your yard renovations. I have some plants I need to get in the ground.

Last night I was too tired after finishing the fence. Today the weather didn't cooperate-- storms off and on all day. Maybe tomorrow....