Saturday, August 27, 2011

The First Meltdown

The first meltdown came because I told Daughter we weren't going to a movie today, but that if she cooperated I'd take her tomorrow afternoon. I told her if she got her bedroom cleaned (which she had promised to do yesterday) I'd consider taking her shopping this afternoon. Yup, that was the cause of a screaming, threatening, door slamming, wall beating, item throwing meltdown. It took less than 20 minutes for her to recover this time. She came out and apologized, and went downstairs for some boxes. She wants to clear some things out of her room to be donated.
One of the things she was screaming about as she went to her room was doctors messing with her body. She's really angry with the psychiatrist about the rapid cycling. It will be interesting to see if she expresses that anger to her on Monday. I've been working in the kitchen today. I made blueberry pancakes and sausage for breakfast, and now I'm going to cook some turkey Italian sausage on the grill for lunches this week. We'll have the Italian sausage with corn on the cob for lunch or supper today.
Before the meltdown Daughter begged me to allow her to sing her solo tomorrow. I reminded her that we had decided to wait until she was more stable. I told her that if she was doing better, she could sing next weekend. That satisfied her. She is frustrated by her behavior. She's constantly apologizing. She told Program Manager yesterday that she just wants to be herself again. I want that, too.

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