Friday, August 26, 2011


Daughter is trying so hard to hold it together right now, but she can't. She does well for a while, and then she blows. There doesn't have to be a trigger, she just has a meltdown. She had an uncontrollable crying spell at program today. There was no trigger, and she doesn't know why she did it. Program Manager had her stay back and watch movies and take a nap this afternoon. Daughter was very apologetic after the meltdown.
When she got home, we walked through the park to the mall for supper. After supper, we wandered through a few stores. She then got mad and stormed off. There wasn't a trigger, she just couldn't hold it together any longer. When I finally got her to talk to me, she was mad at me for taking her out in public-- she was embarrassed to have anyone see her in that state. As we were walking home she decided she wanted to stop at the library and see if they had a DVD she wanted. She was delighted to see a church member in the parking lot. I stood and talked to the member (who had been there all day running a used book sale) while Daughter went in and got the DVD.
She was pleasant and apologetic after we got home. It's hard living in her head right now. My goal is to get her through to her appointment Monday afternoon. She had signed up to sing a solo on Sunday, but Administrative Assistant and I decided she wasn't stable enough to handle it. Surprisingly, she didn't object very much. It would have been hard on her, and I think she realizes that we were taking care of her.
I'm going to keep the weekend as quiet as I can for her. We may go to a movie tomorrow afternoon, but that will be about it for excitement.

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