Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I am blessed with a wonderful Administrative Assistant, and today I delegated a bunch of work to her. She did what I delegated to her and more. I'm finding it challenging finding hymns some weeks-- this congregation doesn't know all the hymns I do, and trying to find hymns that are familiar to them and fit the themes of the worship service can be challenging. AA helped me pick hymns for the 27th this morning, including one that was new to both of us (but we found a familiar tune that fit the words). When I came back from an appointment to check into respite for Daughter, AA had already started the bulletin for the 27th-- I only had to add a couple of things she didn't have.
The reviews on the meeting last night were good today-- there was some energy and more ideas being generated as we discussed what had happened. This particular committee had a history of being contentious, to say the least. We are reorganizing this particular committee, and the reorganization, refocus, and expansion of the committee members totally transformed the feeling of the meeting. I'm pleased by the enthusiasm and energy-- which continues to grow.
Today we checked out a place for respite for Daughter. The program was started by parents and has a Christian focus. There are 2 bedroom apartments shared by 2 individuals. They also have two rooms set aside for respite. The director was wonderful about engaging Daughter. They do trips. They've dealt with eating disorders. They have staff trained for insulin. Daughter went from not wanting to even visit to wanting to go now.
Of course, by this evening her fear of abandonment reared up and she was lashing out at me. We talked through it, and I repeated my assurance that I wasn't moving her there anytime soon. Her case manager and I hope that as she sees individuals living independently, she will want to do that, too. I can hope.


Miz Kizzle said...

You NEED respite. Once your DD gets used to it she'll enjoy going there.

Reverend Mom said...

She'll be going. We have a plan to introduce her to the place slowly. I am very aware of my need for respite, and have people around to remind me of it.