Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day

I watched a tow truck get stuck a couple of times trying to navigate my street. That confirmed the decision not to try to go any where today. Hopefully the roads will be in better shape tomorrow. A kind neighbor cleared my driveway. I brought home books to work on my sermon, but instead have been trying to get some work done on my income taxes. There is much to complicate them this year. It looks like I will be getting a nice refund, which is nice.
It will be another year before I know if I need to adjust my withholding. Up until now, I've always made quarterly payments, but here the church is willing to withhold and handle the tax payments for me. I like that, but it is definitely different. I'm also dealing with purchasing a house rather than living in a home provided by the church. I don't think I'll be able to complete the taxes today, but I've been stressing over it, so getting a start reduces my stress level quite a bit.
Daughter slept in, then cleaned her room and watched TV. She came up from the basement and informed me she didn't feel very good. She's now resting in her room. It's been a quiet day, and I'm enjoying it.


maeve said...

Hooray for a quiet day. We had one here as well.

This is my official recommendation for Turbo Tax. I've been using it for awhile and really love it.

I think it's worse there than it is here, but it's pretty ugly here as well.

Reverend Mom said...

I *love* Turbo Tax.

We got just over 12" in the storm, and already had about 6" on the ground. We have a mountain at the edge of the church parking lot today.