Friday, February 4, 2011

Interesting Evening

I fixed some of Daughter's favorite foods for supper. A couple of hours later she insisted she was starving and had to have another full meal. I pointed out she'd never fit in her clothes, but she said she didn't care, she had to eat. I offered her some cashews. She demanded other things. I pointed out that normally she likes cashews, and asked if she was rejecting them simply because they were my suggestion. She responded honestly, "Basically." She did end up eating (and being satisfied) with the cashews I offered.
Then we sat down together to watch a show I'd recorded earlier. She was laughing and shouting in my ear, and showing great restraint, I didn't complain or ask her to tone it down. As the show approached the big reveal, she announced she had to go to bed immediately. When I questioned her about missing the end, she started crying and yelling at me to get off her back and leave her alone. I pointed out she needed her pills and insulin. That set her off. I paused the show, got her insulin, and she stormed off to bed. I watched the end of the show alone.
It must be hard to live in her head.

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