Friday, February 11, 2011

Second Day

Daughter is up on her own again this morning. It sure does make the morning easier. I have to go into the church this morning to drop Daughter off and open up for her program. I'm leaving the computer at home. I will walk and listen to my ipod, and as soon as she goes to her program, I will leave. I have to do some cooking for the soup kitchen Daughter and I will be serving at on Sunday, and I'm going to do some cleaning in the kitchen.
Yesterday was a long day, and a good one. I'm working with a young couple who are getting married next month. I'm impressed-- they recognize the challenges they face and want to work on them so they can build a successful marriage. Most couples are so starry eyed in love that they are convinced that they will never have any problems.
Tomorrow I'll be at a regional church meeting all day. I didn't get sermon done yesterday, so I hope to take a little bit of time to work on that today. I won't want to tackle it after the meeting tomorrow.
It really does make a wonderful difference when the day doesn't begin with a battle.

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