Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A New One

I got to sing for Daughter this morning-- I added some dance just to keep things interesting. She got up during the first song, so it wasn't too bad. When we got to the church, she fell asleep in my office. When it was time to go down to her program, she refused to get up. Administrative Assistant came in and tried, but she wouldn't acknowledge her, either. A text came from downstairs, asking where Daughter was. I said she was asleep and ignoring me. So the woman who runs the program came bouncing upstairs and into my office, where she sat down on Daughter. Daughter woke up and went down for her program.
We thought they would be in their new space next week, but the air quality tests came back very, very bad. There is a great deal of mold. Disappointment all around. We're trying to set up transportation home for Daughter on Fridays. I'll bring her in Friday mornings, open the building, and do my walking. Then I'll go home and enjoy my day off. I'll see about getting volunteers to set the alarm after the program people leave.
The director at the respite house suggested that Daughter begin gradually. I'll take her over for supper and she'll stay a couple of hours the first time. We'll gradually increase her time there and work up to an overnight stay. I think it is a good plan for Daughter.
Another busy, fun day here at the church. I had another small group gathering to get to know people this afternoon. I'm loving those. I had someone stop by to talk to me about some concerns and give me some history. I'm grateful for people who are willing to come to me directly to talk about things.
Daughter supposedly doesn't feel good. I let her go to the bathroom unaccompanied. I heard doors opening and closing at the wrong time, so I went investigating. She had locked the bathroom door. I told her she needed to unlock it. "Why?"
"I know you got something out of the kitchen."
I heard some paper rustling, and the door open and she handed me a box of gluten free snacks we keep for a little girl who can't eat gluten. Sigh.


Heather said...

Isn't it amazing how they come up with something new each time? I can't help thinking each time that if they just put as much energy into doing what they are *supposed* to do, as they do into sneaking and getting around it, they could move mountains!

I've been so uplifted reading at the blessings the Lord has brought you with your new congregation!

Reverend Mom said...

It's a challenge, trying to stay half a step ahead or at least not fall too far behind. If they would channel this energy and ingenuity to good....

Thanks, Heather, I'm feeling very blessed.