Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shifting My Focus

It took 45 minutes for Daughter to get out of bed this morning.
  • As soon as I was up and moving, I put the citrus in her room.
  • I then turned on the radio in the bathroom so she would know I was up and moving.
  • I began making sausage biscuits, thinking the aroma would encourage her to get moving.
  • Her alarm went off.
  • I turned on her bedroom light.
  • The citrus was so energizing she actually reached over and turned off her alarm.
  • I pulled the covers off her.
  • After 20 minutes, I called her name.
  • Five minutes later, I went in and called her name until she answered (yelled at me that she heard me).
  • I kept yelling at her every five minutes until she got up and into the shower.

She didn't get breakfast-- just a cup of milk with her insulin and pills. She had a rather angry and unpleasant Mom on the drive over to the church (we didn't leave until after the time I like to be here).

In our weekly conversation, Sister Best Friend suggested that I shift my focus. I'm not going to win the morning battle. How do I strengthen myself to survive it? I'm going to put some thought into that today.

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