Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Miracle

This morning Daughter's alarm went off and I turned on her bedroom light. A few minutes later I pulled her covers off. I glanced back in, and she had pulled them back on. I removed them again. She said, "Leave me alone! It's not even 6:00." (It was 5:57) I didn't say anything. I then heard a sigh and her feet hit the floor.
She is now eating breakfast-- and is having the cereal with dehydrated strawberries that she requested. She has emptied the wastebaskets she "forgot" yesterday and added them to the trash can at the curb. I will wait until we get to the church to thank her. If I say anything to soon, it could set off her oppositional nature again. For now, I am very grateful. I'm still prepared with pb&j sandwiches, but I'll gladly throw them out in several months if she continues to get up.

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