Monday, February 7, 2011

Unable to Learn

I just don't seem to be able to learn that Daughter is so oppositional that anything I do to try to motivate her is just going to back fire. Saturday I made the mistake of trying to motivate her to stop wetting the bed. I promised her $2 a day every time she was dry, and an extra dollar if she made it a week. (Initially I offered $10 for being dry all week, but quickly realized that was too long a time period.
Yesterday morning she was the wettest I'd ever seen her. She soaked everything (yes, she wears adult diapers at night). Of course, there was more at work than my attempt to get her to be dry. There was also the toilet paper issue. She refuses to change the toilet paper. She will leave one square on the roll so *technically* she isn't leaving it empty. Saturday she used it all. I noticed, and since we didn't have any extra in the big bathroom, I ordered her to go downstairs and get a new package. She did, but refused to open the package. So, she didn't use the bathroom before she went to bed Saturday night.
It's to the point that I question whether I'm even capable of learning....

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maeve said...

So, have you given any thought to the evil "boarder status"? That would allow you to back off of any expectations. She would live in your house with no expectations and no privileges. Maybe you'd drive her to places but you'd not provide anything but food, clothing and shelter. She might have to pay you out of her earnings for rent but you'd never mention wet beds or stealing food. I know that the food thing is a big problem because it's life threatening, but you could be sure that everything was locked up.

I have no idea if I'm barking up the wrong tree here, but I wonder if it'd work?