Friday, February 18, 2011


Yesterday evening I went to the refrigerator to get out some cheeseball I'd taken out of the freezer this week. I couldn't find it.
"Did you happen to take the cheese ball into your bedroom?"
"No, Mom. I'm turning it around and I'm not doing that anymore. I'd tell you if I'd taken it."
I spent the next 15 minutes searching the refrigerator and cupboards, trying to figure out where I might have placed it and wondering if I was losing my mind. Daughter watched.
This morning the men came to install our new windows. I was told they'd arrive between 9 and 10, and they were here before 9 (I'd just gotten back from taking Daughter to her program and stopping at the grocery store.) It's 2 hours later and the windows are all in. They have to finish the trim outside and vacuum inside. They're gone to lunch right now. Anyway, I went into Daughter's room to make it easier for them to move things out of the way. I discovered all kinds of things:
  • The almost empty container from the cheeseball.
  • The cardboard that had held a 6 pack of applesauce together.
  • Several spoons.
  • Numerous food wrappers.
  • Chocolate cereal.
  • DVD's floating around loose in bags (a never ending battle).

Daughter has some work to do this evening. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm! Cheese balls!
How about leaving the empty wrappers and the other evidence in a prominent spot in her room for her to discover when she comes home? Say nothing, just deposit it there and wait for her reaction.

Reverend Mom said...

I could leave the evidence on her bed, but that would involve digging it out of the trash. I think I'll just say, "I was in your room today." She'll know what I'm talking about.