Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Movie with Daughter

The next two Saturdays I will be tied up all day with church stuff, so I decided I'd take Daughter to the movies today. After looking at the options, I decided we'd go across town (still closer than anything in Tiny Village) to see The King's Speech. I explained to Daughter that we were going to a movie I had chosen, and it wasn't a kid movie, but it would be very good. It was the first time in a very long time I sat in a theater where I wasn't surrounded by little kids. It was a much more mature audience-- Daughter may have been the youngest person there.
She wasn't thrilled about my selection of movie, but she was getting into it, laughing at the humorous parts, and I was pleased that she was understanding what was going on. At a crucial point she leans over and told me she didn't feel good and we needed to leave. I guess I was enjoying it too much. I informed her we were staying. She wasn't happy about that, but didn't object again. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I informed Daughter that in the future, we would take turns picking the movies, and any time she complained and wanted to leave during the one I picked, I would get to pick the next movie, too.
She wasn't pleased, but came and got on the internet. I think she began researching movies, as she asked me how to spell chihuahua. I sat through the first of those movies. Guess I'll get to do it again. I'll have to figure out what my next choice will be....

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