Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Confession

Daughter was dragging and sleeping all day yesterday. At supper she told me why. She'd been up much of the night trying to figure out how to break into the pantry. She didn't succeed, fortunately. I got to thinking, and wondered if she was getting too much insulin, and that was making her hungry. Last night I cut her insulin. This morning her blood sugar was the best it's been in weeks. I told her she would feel much better today.
Her confession led to a realization which hopefully will lead to improved health for her.


maeve said...


Your post makes me realize how Miss K's blood sugar affects her behavior -- she's terrible when she's hungry. I'm not so great when I'm hungry either. This might be research in the making, even for non-diabetic folks.

Reverend Mom said...

I suspect the research has already been done.... Simple carbs cause blood sugar spikes followed by drops. Fat and protein slow the carbs and keep the blood sugar steadier. It's so hard figuring out what is going on with Daughter's blood sugars do to the food issues. I don't know who she gets the food, but she does....