Monday, February 21, 2011

Mastering Snow

We got an impressive amount of snow overnight and this morning. Those schools that weren't closed for the holiday closed for the snow. I did not go to the hospital prior to the surgery this morning. I will get there tomorrow. We did come into the church, though I'm not sure why. Actually, I do know why-- to get out of the house and escape the caulk fumes.
Here's where I am getting smart. When I opened the garage door, I shoveled the snow away for about a foot in front of it. Hopefully this will mean I won't knock snow in that will then cause the door opener to take the door back up because it's hitting something. I also decided that it is not my job to shovel the 9-10 inches of heavy snow on the church walks. Hopefully some of the men will make it over to drag out the snow blower today. I also rescheduled the communion I was supposed to take this afternoon for tomorrow.
I was surprised, but the roads have not been plowed. I didn't expect my street to be plowed yet, but I was surprised to discover that other than the main east-west route through Capital, the other roads have not been plowed. I was sliding all the way to the church, and arrived to discover the church parking lot hasn't been plowed yet, either. I parked at the end of the parking lot towards at one side so that the plows could do their job. It was Daughter's first time walking through over the boot top snow. Even I'd forgotten what hard work it is, and wondered why I'd parked so far from the door.
I need to go back and look at those pictures of the green shoots coming up in my back yard. Maybe I should go uncover them so I can see them again. Maybe I should make some pastoral visits on our snow birds in Florida and Arizona....

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