Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day Four

This is the 4th day without a morning battle. Yesterday I had to sing to get her up, but we managed the morning without any anger. This morning I turned on her light and asked if I got to sing today. When I went back in that direction the next time, she was up and moving.
Life is so much easier when I don't start the day frustrated at her. Last night I urged her to go the bathroom before going to bed so that she'd be dry this morning. This was after I told her I'd know she was ready to move into a different program when she stopped wetting the bed. She was more soaked than usual this morning. I guess she's not ready to do something different yet.
This morning was a good one. This congregation is so affirming, so caring. I'm having so much fun leading them in worship. We are making progress. Today I am grateful.

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