Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Back to the Program

Today Daughter's program was in session, which was a relief for both of us. The roads are still terrible, but the buses were running. She had a good day once she got there. Yes, we had the morning battle again. Singing is no longer working. I threatened to dump cold water on her, and that got her moving today. It won't work forever, either. Nothing will work until she decides it's a problem when she wants to solve.
I had lunch today with a woman who wanted to better understand Daughter. She listened carefully, and was horrified by the history I shared. She had seen Daughter out with her program, and was concerned that it wasn't the right program for her. I agreed that the other participants are much lower functioning, but said the staff was good and explained why she needed close supervision. She understood.
She also shared that she didn't want a woman pastor, and how wonderful she thinks I am. She says my sermons are great, and each week she thinks they can't get any better, and they do. We also talked about the challenges she faces with her son. It was a good lunch.
We have another "meet the pastor" gathering tonight. I'm enjoying them. I'm enjoying everything I'm doing, as a matter of fact. I think I might have mentioned that before....

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