Monday, February 21, 2011

More Snow, More Blessings

It's snowing (again). Some of the outlying schools are already announcing they will be closed tomorrow. The streets were getting bad again when I came home from the meeting at the church this evening. If Daughter's program is closed tomorrow, we'll have to find work for her to do. She was exceedingly lazy today. Tomorrow afternoon she has an appointment with her therapist. I hope they begin to make some progress.
One of the men in the church brought his snow blower over to my house this morning and cleared the rest of the snow from my driveway. Another man saw that my car had been plowed into it's spot, and shoveled around it so I'd be able to get out more easily (I still got stuck-- the wind had blown car evenly under my car, which didn't want to back through 10+ inches of snow. Fortunately, I have a shovel in my car, and a few scoops got me out.
After getting some work done at the church, I came home and got some work done around the house. Daughter watched. I went back to the church for a meeting, then came home and got some more work done. All the window treatments are back up (over cleaned windows) except Daughter's room and the kitchen. I told Daughter she has to do her own room. There are still several windows I need to clean on the outside, but I think I'll wait for it to be a bit warmer.
Have I mentioned lately that I love my job? I do. I'm very grateful that God called us here to Capital-- even in the midst of all the snow and cold, I'm grateful.

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