Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Finding the Balance

So we are having a blizzard. I have followed the news and planned accordingly. I brought home the books I will need to work on my sermon here at home. I informed Administrative Assistant that if the schools are closed, so is the office, and that if she wanted to work to email herself the needed files. I made sure that I had the bulletin information to her this morning, so that could be completed prior to the storm. I did a funeral an hour away today. I knew we shouldn't have any weather trouble, but I had emergency supplies in the car. We have plenty of groceries and firewood. The laundry is caught up. Even if we lose power, we'll be okay.
Then there's Sister. She lives east of me. The blizzard warning starts later there than it did here. She took half a day today because she was afraid it would start early. It didn't, so she spent the afternoon running around and getting supplies. She was very concerned about my plans for the funeral, and insisted I not stay too long and call her as soon as I got home. She's creating more stress for herself. I think I prefer my approach.

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