Monday, January 31, 2011


I sat and talked to a member for a while today. He was waiting for a report on his sister, but anticipated that she would be declared brain dead and removed from the vent. She fell this weekend. It wasn't a long fall or a particularly hard fall, but it was enough of a fall that she couldn't get up, and it's cold outside, and....
Tomorrow I'm doing the service for Sister Best Friend's father-in-law. He fell last week. It wasn't a long fall, and he was able to get up, but it's never good to hit your head when your on blood thinners....
I don't recall ever having people die as a result of a fall (a broken hip has started a decline that ended in death), but never has the fall been the direct cause. Now I have 2 in less than a week (though I'm only doing one of the services).
Just another reminder that we can't predict life and death. In the midst of life and death, there are people freaking out over the snow. Somehow that just doesn't seem that important right now. There's nothing like dealing with death to give one perspective.


maeve said...

I spent the weekend and most of the week with a friend who lost her ninety year old mom after a fall. Ultimately the fall came after a stroke, but for a day or two it wasn't clear. Coincidences.

Reverend Mom said...

It's hard when a fall leads to death, especially when the cause of the fall is unclear. I've known people where a fall leading to a broken hip has been the beginning of the end, but never the direct correlation that these two situations had.