Monday, January 24, 2011

I'll Try

I remember clearly the counseling professor at seminary telling us, "'I'll try,' means, 'I won't.'" Daughter told me she'd try to make it a better evening. She's unhappy that I won't let her play video games. She's still very good at watching me work. I suppose I should be grateful she emptied the kitchen trash. Of course, once again she didn't put another trash bag in it.
I looked through all the newsprint from our board retreat Saturday and summarized it. I'll email it to everyone tomorrow. There were several things I wasn't clear about from the notes, so hopefully others will be able to clarify for me. I have my first follow up meeting tomorrow afternoon. We'll be making plans to combine two committees. I also wrote a bunch of newsletter articles today. Administrative Assistant will be in tomorrow to begin putting it all together.
Daughter's program is supposed to move into their own space two weeks from today. That will ease my stress somewhat, as I will no longer have to stay at the church as late in the afternoon, and I definitely won't be going into the church on Fridays. I'll be able to get a full day off again. Of course, that means I'll have to have the work done by Friday. It will be nice, though, to have that freedom again. It will be the first time since we moved that a bus will pick Daughter up and leave me home alone for the day. I'm looking forward to it.

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