Sunday, January 30, 2011

Snow and Joy

Capital is north of Tiny Village. It's less then 200 miles, so I was not anticipating this much difference in winter weather. We've had more snow, and it sticks around. We've had more cold days, including about a week when the highs were in the single digits. I think I've worn my boots more this winter than I did in 14 years in Tiny Village. I'm also wearing my winter coat on a daily basis, something I seldom did in Tiny Village (in part because I was only outside for very short periods of time.) They're talking about a foot of snow this week.
So it's cold and snowy and I'm learning to get a running start at my driveway that goes up hill a little bit.... Yet here's the thing: I'm loving it. Now give me another month and I may feel differently, but for now, I'm happy. This much snow in Tiny Village would have shut things down. Here, we just keep going. I'm relearning how to drive in snow, and am very grateful for anti-lock brakes and traction control.
I'm loving leading worship here-- the congregation is responsive and appreciative. We are having visitors on a regular basis. There is an energy and excitement in the air as we watch God at work among us. In the midst of winter, I am experiencing joy.

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