Sunday, January 23, 2011


I went to bed exhausted last night, and woke up this morning excited and energized by the memory of all we'd done yesterday. I was talking about perspective and looking at the world through the lens of faith, so I decided this morning that I needed sunglasses for the children's sermon. I stopped at the every thing store on my way to church and bought some star sunglasses party favors. The kids (and adults) loved them. One of the adults wanted to know if he could have a pair-- he's going to use them to promote the study we will be doing during Lent. I don't even want to know how, but I think he's going to be wearing them next Sunday while the memory is still fresh for everyone. Should be interesting.
Daughter continues to be oppositional. I think she's frustrated that she's not getting a bigger reaction out of me. Being busy and appreciated at the church is a wonderful balance for the struggles with her. I'm so glad we're here in Capital.

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