Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Talent Leads to New Challenge

After I discovered that Daughter had taken a box of sugar free chocolate candy from the pantry, I was trying to figure out when I had left it unlocked long enough for her to get it. Generally I unlock it to get something out and then immediately lock it back up. I hadn't been able to pinpoint a time, so I had decided I just needed to be even more careful. Then Daughter said, "Do you want to see the key I used to unlock the pantry?"
I was shocked. Had I been so stupid as to leave a key where she could get at it? No. She had found a skinny key for something else that she had used to pick the lock. She had bent the key up in the process, but she was able to lock and unlock the pantry doors. Sigh.
That key is now locked up. The challenge, though, is that I'm sure there are other things she can use to pick the lock. I can't lock everything up. This morning she announced she wasn't getting out of bed. I informed her she was, as I couldn't leave her home alone anymore now that she'd figured out how to unlock the pantry. I guess she found a way to get me involved again. I'm not sure how I'll respond to this new challenge, but I'll figure out something. I wish she'd put the energy and creativity she uses for getting into trouble into more positive pursuits. If she did, there would be no stopping her.


maeve said...

Oh, this woman/child is so darn smart. I wonder if she's smart enough to fail the IQ test? Betcha! I couldn't pick a lock if doing it would save my life.

Miss K is doing finals this week. She's informed me that she will fail them all because "I can't take tests". Wonder if she can pick locks? I'm not askin'.

Reverend Mom said...

It's probably a good thing the IQ tests haven't been accurate. If they were, she probably wouldn't qualify for services.

Miss K does know the language to use-- why is they learn the things we'd prefer they didn't?

maeve said...

I think it's called ODD.

Kristin said...

Could you switch to combo locks? Not as easy to pick, more of a pain for you. How disappointing that she's using her "talents" to push your buttons.

Reverend Mom said...


good point!


Combination locks wouldn't work, unfortunately. I use one on the refrigerator, but the pantry doors have keyed cylinders (and they had to modify the locks to make them work-- they weren't designed to be locked.

Sue said...

What about a sound alarm (usually for windows etc) on the pantry, in addition to the lock. Perhaps these, too, could be disabled but it's another thing to try.

Reverend Mom said...

Sue, I hadn't thought of that. I had alarms on the pantry doors in Tiny Village. The alarms would help when I'm home, but wouldn't solve the problem of not being able to leave her home alone. I think I'll see about getting some alarms. Thanks!