Sunday, January 2, 2011

Worship and Mornings

Since I had the Sunday off, we went to a neighboring church for worship this morning. It reminded me of the church I served in Inner City. It's a similar setting, there were similarities in the architecture, and there were even similarities with the members. It was nice to sit in the pew and worship.
Daughter didn't get up this morning, so we didn't go out to eat today. As we were coming home, she was talking to me about her morning issues. She claims that when the alarm clock goes off she begins having nightmares, or flashbacks, or hearing voices or something. Do I believe this? Maybe. I suggested that she start some Christian music as soon as her alarm goes off, and that would keep the nightmares/flashbacks/hallucinations away. I'm not convinced that this is a problem she wants to solve.
I did remind her of how scared she was when I left her home alone, and told her I would do it again. It will be interesting to see how she does tomorrow morning.

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