Thursday, December 23, 2010

Home Alone Part 2

Daughter called, subdued, around 10:00. She had called and cancelled out on walking the dog. She didn't expect me to come get "a bratty b*****." She also commented on how I had taken the remotes for both TVs and her computer. (I love being able to lock things up). She was watching a movie on her DVD player. I called her a little after 11:00 and told her I had to go to the bank, and was willing to stop by and pick her up while I was out.
She told me that Kitten was afraid of the noises she was hearing outside the windows and doors. I asked if she'd been afraid. "A little." I really struggled with what to do about lunch, but then I realized that she wasn't going to like all the veggies we ordered on the pizza. So, I let her have pizza with us. She quietly picked off the green peppers and mushrooms.
She folded and stapled newsletters, and then I gave her some shredding to do. She tried to shred a catalogue. The shredder survived, but it took some work to make it operational again. That ended her cooperation. She spent the rest of the afternoon laying on the love seat in my study.
She says she's learned and she's going to change. I suggested she pick one thing to do differently. She's going to practice getting up with the alarm while we're on vacation. Do I think she's learned her lesson? No. But I have learned that it bothers her to be at home alone. I have learned that I can leave her alone. I have learned that I don't need to get sucked into the morning battle. A successful day.


Anonymous said...

That is awesome news, puts you firmly back in the driver's seat doesn 't it. Hope that you are able to see improvements, even if there is backsliding along the way. The big picture looks much better knowing that her morning choices no longer control and affect you,hopefully she is able to stay safe re: her diabetes. Does she need to take morning meds that are serious if she should miss? That could be a potential problem and she would be right back to being the one calling the shots in terms of when you leave for work....
Have a great Christmas.

Reverend Mom said...

Thanks, S,

I agree-- it is awesome news. Delaying her morning meds and food and insulin are not ideal, but I think it's worth the risk to disengage and reduce my stress level.