Saturday, December 11, 2010


Our neighborhood was invaded by elves this morning-- well, over 600 women participating in a 5k run/walk. Many were dressed like elves: headbands with antlers, bows, and bells, and red and white striped socks (and pants rolled up to the knees so we could see them). We had a flyer in our door this week warning us that we would have a difficult time getting out of our neighborhood for an hour or so this morning. I didn't have plans to go out, so that was fine.
This afternoon we headed to the store. We live off the main commercial strip in Capital. It is 2 weeks until Christmas. We had turning left on the main road at the end of our street. When we got to the major road the commercial strip is on half a mile from here, traffic was even heavier. The store was packed. Daughter has a difficult time with personal space, so I kept stationing her and the cart in out of the way places while I'd maneuver through all the carts and people in the aisles to get the items on our list.
She kept getting anxious and following me or worse, getting lost while searching for me. We finally managed to get what we needed and headed over to the pizza place. This place always has pizza ready for purchase. Today, they were very busy and backed up. They were trying to figure out who they could call into work. We got our pizza and came home. I have a fire going.
I'm going to begin shopping at odd times as Christmas gets closer-- I don't like dealing with the crowds. I guess this is the downside of my perfect location: traffic. I think I can live with it. We are under a winter storm warning. I may not be going to the sing-along Messiah on the other side of the city tomorrow....

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