Friday, December 10, 2010

Day Off Without Daughter

Daughter went to her program today and I played in my kitchen. For the first time since I've been here, I got one of those dreaded, "I know it's your day off, but...." calls. Administrative Assistant had just had a call from an attender about her mother-in-law in hospice care and declining rapidly. I called and made arrangements to go see woman and her family at the hospice facility. I agreed to meet them there at 4:00. The woman was amazed at how quickly I called her and how soon I was willing to visit. She said her mother-in-law might not last the weekend, or even the night. I'm certainly not going to wait.
I'm glad I went, and they were, too. Round trip was less than one way to the closest hospital, and less than half the distance to the big local hospital. Daughter thought I should still take her out to eat since I had dragged her to the hospital. I had warned her that the hospitals were close enough here I probably wouldn't give her that deal. I did take her a couple of freshly baked cookies. She won money playing Bingo today, so she's happy. It's nice to have her happy again.

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