Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Plan Number 5,623

I purchased a new alarm clock for Daughter today. She has a tendency to "lose" clocks. I will leave for the church at 6:45 tomorrow morning-- with or without her. Her program is closed tomorrow, so we'll have her folding newsletters. If she is at the church folding newsletters for us tomorrow morning, she can be part of our impromptu staff Christmas party-- I'm ordering a pizza delivered to the church.
If she's not at the church, I may swing by the house to pick her up around lunch time, or I may be too busy. One of the women in the church is picking her up at 11:00 tomorrow morning to walk, so I suppose she could bring her to the church after the walk.
I'm done getting sucked into this conflict every morning. The battle to get her out of bed ends up leaving me angry every morning. I don't want to start the morning angry, so I'm going to disengage. She also earned an early bedtime tonight by her refusal to get up this morning.
Will this plan work? Maybe. Hopefully it will work for at least a few days. Of course, tomorrow's my last morning in the office until Sunday. I felt much better today. I slept well last night without the aid of medication. I'm still blowing a lot, and I'm dragging tonight, but I'm getting better, which is very good news.

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