Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sister to the Rescue

Tomorrow my old boyfriend and his live-in are coming for lunch. He's a nice guy, and my parents were disappointed that it didn't lead to marriage, but my call to ministry was strong and it wasn't a lifestyle that he wanted. I've been talking about the visit for sometime, and had told Daughter about it, but apparently it didn't click until today. When she realized who I was talking about and remembered his visits many years ago, she went ballistic. She insisted that she would not be in the house when he was here. She threatened to call the police if he came. She said she wouldn't allow him to enter. She said he would trigger too many bad memories. She said he never treated me right. She said Grandma and Grandpa wouldn't approve because they didn't like him. She asked to take the bus to Tiny Village tomorrow to visit friends. I let her rant, refusing to get pulled into an argument. When I wouldn't cancel our plans and wouldn't let her leave, she called her aunt.
Sister ignored her cell phone when she saw it was Daughter. When Daughter then called her land line, she figured she'd better pick up. She talked Daughter down, and told her she had to be a gracious hostess. She laid into her about being rude to my guest. Sister promised Daughter that if she is cooperative tomorrow, I will take her to a movie on Friday. She even informed us what one it will be.
I guess, though, that if she is polite tomorrow, I can take her to a movie on Friday. I am relieved that Sister got her to calm down. Daughter apologized to me for her behavior after her conversation with Sister. I was concerned by the strength of her objections, so I am very relieved that she has agreed to be cooperative and gracious.

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