Monday, December 6, 2010

The Program

Daughter's program is now meeting in the church. They started today. The room they are using is directly below my study, so I have heard them coming and going. Daughter was anxious about it today. She again tried to convince me that she didn't belong in this program and just wanted to hang out with me all day.
We set up some rules-- she can't come find me. If she needs me, she's to act just like she did when the program was elsewhere-- she can call me or send me a text. So far I haven't heard from her, and I think that is a good thing. My hope is that once she gets through her first day at the church, she'll calm down until they move to their permanent home-- probably at the beginning of the year.
Mondays I'm in the office alone, and there have been a number of people stop by today. I've had some good conversations. The heat in the sanctuary is not working properly. The service people have been out twice all ready, and will be coming out again Wednesday morning. Fortunately, we have been able to get it to provide heat with some extra attention, but hopefully they will be able to locate the problem and resolve it permanently.
I finished another book today that gave me some insights into what needs to happen here and how I can best lead it. I made some notes, and am anxious to meet with the appropriate people to begin implementing my plans for the future. I am so happy and energized here. I'm grateful to God for giving me this opportunity.

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