Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Surrendered-- for Today

I'm really dragging today. I got into the office late, and then left about 11:30 to come home and pick up Daughter's meds in preparation for her appointment with the psychiatrist. When we finished with the psychiatrist, I didn't go back to the church. I stopped to pick up a gift card as a Christmas gift, and then we came home. Administrative Assistant was going to arrange for someone else to lock up after the program today. I did get her the articles she needed for the newsletter, and proofed the bulletins for Christmas Eve and Sunday. Hopefully she had a quiet afternoon and was able to make progress on the newsletter.
I came home and rested. I didn't lay down for a nap, but I dozed off in my chair. I was cold, so I started a fire in my fireplace. I called and arranged to have firewood delivered tomorrow. I'll come home for lunch and the delivery. I will go to bed early tonight, and hopefully will feel better tomorrow.

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