Wednesday, December 1, 2010


  • When we got home yesterday evening, Daughter noticed the dishes in the dishwasher were clean and unloaded it. Then she put away the clean dishes in the drainer (which she hates doing. Then she moved on to the floor. When I ask her to do the floor, she says, "I don't do a good job."
  • This weekend Daughter put a few ornaments on the tree and informed me it was done. She then took the ornament boxes back downstairs. Yesterday evening she helped me put lots more ornaments on the tree and do other decorating and made numerous trips up and down the basement stairs getting items we needed. She did it cheerfully.
  • Yesterday evening Daughter decided to take a shower and wash her hair. "I feel dirty." Generally, she avoids showers, and will even try to convince me she's showered when she hasn't.
  • We were without hot water for a while yesterday evening. When a friend came over to help me troubleshoot, we discovered that the hot water heater was turned way down. Way down. This morning we had hot showers. Both of us had hot showers. Daughter started her linens and was upset about the smoke in the laundry room. I figured out she was seeing steam from the washing machine.
  • This morning when my alarm went off at 5:3o, Daughter was up and in the shower. That was after she was an hour late getting to bed yesterday evening.
  • This morning I observed, "You look happy." She looked over both shoulders, said, "Who, me?" and then proceeded to do a happy dance.
  • As of Monday, Daughter will be attending her program 5 days a week (and it will be here at the church).

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