Saturday, October 1, 2011


Daughter just left for her weekly walk with one of the saints. Today they are going to a special place. They will be gone longer and are eating a picnic lunch. I am very grateful. I will enjoy the peace while she is gone. She woke up yelling at me this morning. I wasn't even engaging her, and she was yelling. She discovered she was tracking mud with her hiking boots, and she started yelling.

Last night she finally started the increased anti psychotic. I took the prescription in Wednesday evening, and discovered the resident hadn't bothered to put a quantity on it. They said they'd have to call. Thursday evening they still hadn't heard from the doctor. They don't have the 80 mg pills in stock, and can't order them until they hear from the doctor. I told them to just give me a refill of the lower strength, which I picked up yesterday. They still hadn't heard from the doctor. I gave her two pills last night. We have enough to last two weeks. I'll email the nurse Monday and ask her to make sure they contact the pharmacy with a quantity.

When Daughter gets home, I think I'll let her hang out in the basement and watch as much TV as she wants to today. Maybe she'll yell at the TV instead of me.

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