Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Supper Visit

I'm having trouble writing about Daughter's supper visit to her residential placement, probably because I'm still processing it myself. It didn't make her eager to move, but it hasn't completely killed her desire to move, either. I have some concerns after the visit, but am not ready to reject the placement.

When we got there the residents were very friendly and welcoming, the staff less so. I stayed until supper was served so I could give her her insulin and pills. The staff couldn't figure out why I couldn't give her the insulin 30 minutes before she eats (the insulin starts reducing her blood sugar in 5-10 minutes, so if her blood sugar is in normal range, she could quickly go low without food).

When I left, she handed me her monitor to take with me, which surprised me. I decided that maybe it just showed how relaxed she was. Wrong. At 7:00 she called and insisted I come and bring her monitor immediately. I assured her she'd be fine and told her I'd be there about 8:30 to pick her up. When I got there, she had shut down and was laying on the couch. I had hoped that while she waited for me the other residents would draw her out and into their activities. Didn't happen. They had a jazz band last night, but apparently it was at the men's house next door, and Daughter was not invited to be a part of that activity.

When we got in the car, she wrapped herself around my arm. She told me how she didn't want to leave me. Her protests and objections were muted, though. She didn't like the food, she worries about whether she'll be safe, but it seems like she is adjusting to the idea, even though it's obviously not going to be perfect.... I guess that's a victory. I just wish I felt like celebrating.

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