Monday, October 10, 2011


I've been here a year, and I've begun to see more clearly some of the issues in the life of this congregation. For one thing, many have a hard time attaching to a new pastor. They have never let go of the past. I'm beginning to think about ways to help them process their history so we can move forward together.
Today has been busy. The treasurer was in and we worked on budget. There were several conversations about this difficulty with letting go of the past. I got a little bit of work done on worship for this coming Sunday, and a very long to do list for the week.
We have a woman having a joint replaced tomorrow. She refused to tell me what time the surgery will be, because she doesn't want me to take time to come. Yesterday I asked if I could stop by to visit her today before the surgery. She said she'd stop by to see me instead. So after everyone else left, she appeared. We talked some about her surgery and her plans for recovery. Before I could pray with her, she said, "I need to tell you something."
She proceeded to tell me how much my ministry here has meant to her. She says she's a different person now. She appreciates my leadership here at the church. I thanked her. She ministered to me today, and in the midst of a busy day at the start of a busy week, I'm grateful.


maeve said...

Sometimes the best gifts come in unwrapped packages, don't they?

Anonymous said...

We have a new pastor as of last Sunday. He is jumping in fast and learning on the fly. But you remind me that people, ministry, and true fellowship takes time and commitment. Maybe the deeper work starts at 12 months ... Thanks, R in Salt Lake

Reverend Mom said...


They certainly do!

R in Salt Lake,

Pray for your new pastor. This is a hard time of year to begin, and you have to jump in fast. That necessity makes it hard to stop and listen to the people and hear their concerns. I hope your new pastor and congregaion will have a long and fruitful ministry together.