Friday, October 7, 2011

Customer Service-- a Rant

I decided I wanted too buy two new chairs for my living room with some of the money Far Away Sister just released as she closes out our parents' estate. The chairs I have in there were cheap when I bought them over 15 years ago. They have not worn well, and I've had to make repairs to them over the years. So, I went to Furniture Row and walked all the way through the living room section. I walked through examining chairs and carrying the arm protector from my couch so I could match colors. I was ignored by everyone in the store, and didn't see anything exciting enough to seek out someone to help me.
From there I went to Bob Evans for lunch. I was hungry for the Wildfire Chicken Salad. I walked in and finally the hostess stopped her conversation long enough to show me a table. I then sat and waited for 20 minutes for my waitress to figure out I was there and waiting. I was busy with my droid, so it took me a few minutes to realize I was being ignored. Once I realized it, the other waitresses were avoiding looking at me. When my waitress came, she said she didn't see me and didn't know I was there. Maybe the hostess would have told her if she hadn't been so intent on her conversation. When the hostess checked me out, she asked as an after thought, "How was everything?" I pointed out I had waited 20 minute for my waitress to serve me. She ignored my response.
Whatever happened to customer service? The economy in our area isn't good, and neither of these businesses were busy. You'd think they'd want to take care of the customers they get. I was helped almost immediately at the next furniture store I visited. There were two chairs I liked-- one is too wide for the small space I have, and the other wasn't available in an appropriate color. It's too bad, I'd have liked to have given the man who was so helpful my business.

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Miz Kizzle said...

I read in a book about restaurants that women eating alone are thought to be bad tippers. The waitstaff probably didn't think it was worth their time to serve you.
As for the furniture store, they probably don't work on commission.